Third Hand Smoke is Harmful to Your Health According to Study

March 26th, 2012

Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have published findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) that expose the dangers of smoke residue left behind in areas where tobacco smoking has occurred. So third-hand smoke can lead to the creation of strong cancer-causing chemicals. It seems the dangers of cigarette smoking only continue as scientific research increases in this area of study.

A professional air purifier is an ideal solution if you are concerned about a high traffic area where smoking has occurred. Sometimes you have little control over the former smoking incidents, such as moving into a new apartment that was once owned by a smoker. Or buying a home where someone in the family used to smoke. Thoroughly washing items that have any tobacco residue has also proven to be helpful. But a HEPA air filter will help to clean the air surrounding the area.

If you or a family member smokes, now is the time to consider quitting as you may realize the damage goes far deeper than simply your own health. There are many resources to consider if you are looking to quit. Hotlines exist for those who want to quit smoking to offer them tips, resources and further information. There is the Quit Now Hotline 1-87-Quit-Now-6. There is also the QuitLine 1-877-822-6669. Another alternative is to consider seeking therapy such as hypnosis, a support group, acupuncture or seeing a psychologist. Each of these therapies has been found useful by people who have quit smoking – though there is no single “magic bullet” leading to quitting smoking. It seems each person who wants to quit smoking needs to find the solution that works best for them. A strong desire to quit is likely one of the most important things you’ll need as it means you simply won’t give up until you finally do quit.

Choosing a HEPA air filter to clean out a high traffic area is an ideal solution as it will not only get rid of the “smoky” tobacco scent you do smell but also what you don’t smell. The HEPA air filter is designed to get rid of very fine particles you can’t even see but actually do affect you. If these fine particles are of tobacco they will get into your lungs and cause affect the way they would had you had the experience of a smoker. By using a HEPA air filter you are cleaning the area. Be sure to purchase the correct size HEPA air filter for the room (read the label on the box as it will tell you what size room or floor plan it will clean) and also see in what time it takes to properly clean the area. Many units will clean an area a certain number of times within a time limit such as fifteen minutes. So they will clean it ten times within fifteen minutes – but this is also keeping in mind the room size is the CORRECT size. For best results close the doors and windows and clean and vacuum the room. You help your HEPA air filter along greatly when you do a bit of the surface cleaning for it. Wear a face mask if the area has had tobacco as we have discussed above so you don’t inhale it.


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  3. Hello, I just received a brand new HEPA purifier and I can’t believe I ever lived without one.

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